You Have to Check the Labels to Find Healthy Foods

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There was a time when shopping at a Health Food Store pretty much assured that you got whole foods without pesticides, hidden sugars or chemicals. That time has passed.

It is now popular to be natural and healthy. But once something becomes popular, you are now assured that there are marketers out there that are looking to trick you into buying their products.

First you have to check the labels on any processed foods. What is really in them? Make sure you know what each of the ingredients mean. An example is MSG, which has a long list of names that actually mean they include MSG.

Emergen-C has been around for a long time. It’s quite popular. The company has been bought out by a drug company – Pfizer. Yes, the world’s biggest drug company. Pfizer has a history of health care fraud and illegal marketing of its products now wants to sell you Vitamin C. Their big name multi-vitamin is Centrum. This is a popular brand due to their advertising, but is actually a collection of man-made vitamins created in the lab. In fact, people complain about side effects from taking Centrum including headaches and gassy stomach. What will they do to the vitamin C formula?

Do you like fruit juices? You can buy many different combinations that sound delicious and are touted as healthy. But are they what they say they are? Naked Juice is a popular brand which is owned by the Pepsi Cola Company. There is a lawsuit due to the fact that their advertising states they are natural but their ingredients are not. They are being sued for using GMOs and synthetic substances in its “Non-GMO” and “All-Natural” products. They are hardly “all natural”.

There are more. The bottom line is that you have to be careful about any processed foods and supplements that you buy. You have to check the labels.

On supplements, remember to look for whole food supplements, the type that your body recognizes as food, not made in a laboratory. Some info is here Man Made Vitamins and Natural Vitamins

And now for that long list of names that mean MSG , go to MSG  Boy, was I upset when I found a “homemade” soup at a health food store that I liked and checked the ingredients. Yes, one of the ingredients listed was another name for MSG. You have to be vigilant.

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