Things to Do in Support Of Your Adrenal Glands

When supporting the adrenals, it’s important to get off stimulants like coffee, sugar, caffeine, etc.

Vitamin C gives the adrenals what they need to become strong again. getting Vitamin C in food  – leafy greens and other vegetables.  

Adrenals need more protein, and will lose potassium easily. Need to eat vegetables to get the potassium.   5-7 cups of veggies a day. 

The body also needs fats. 

Apple cider vinegar or lemon in water helps. 

Especially need B vitamins.  Don’t take synthetic B vitamins.  You can get B vitamins from Nutritional yeast, but too much and you will detox. So take small amounts and build up what you are taking.  Gradiantly increasing is always a good way to go. 


It is  important to get enough sleep while taking supplements to support the adrenal glands.  Get enough sleep and don’t over do exercise. You want to be nice to your body while you build up the adrenal glands. 

Remember the purpose of these glands is countering stress so don’t over due the physical stress by not getting enough sleep or going to the gym everyday. Walking is the best exercise while you build up the adrenal glands. And walking even lowers cholesterol


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