Sinus Infections or Sinusitis – Inflammation of the Nasal Sinuses

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Updated 11-2-19

What is Sinusitis?
Causes of Sinusitis
Symptoms of Sinusitis
Fungal Sinus Infection
Help for Sinus Infections
What to take for sinus problems
Fighting the Fungal Sinus Infection

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses.

A sinus is a cavity (air chamber) within the bone. These are four sets of open spaces within the bones of the skull. They are above the eyes (frontal sinuses), to either side of the nose inside the cheekbones (maxillary sinuses), behind the bridge of the nose (sphenoid sinuses) and in the upper nose (ethmoid sinuses).

Normally, mucous cleans any particles that collect in the sinuses. With the help of tiny hairs called cilia, mucous is moved out of sinuses so that it can drain into the nasal passages.

However, when you have cold or allergy attack, your sinuses become inflamed or infected and drainage cannot occur. If the sinuses are too small to handle the amount of volume of mucus produced by the body, they can become clogged.

Sinusitis can also occur as a result of swelling in the sinus passages or if anything prevents the cilia from moving mucous.

Sinus problems come from the sinues in the skullWhat is an infection?

What is an infection?

Infection refers to the process by which organisms such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses enter the body and multiply. When your immune system cannot fight these organisms off, an infection results and can cause disease.

Poor nutrition, illness, lack of sleep, substance abuse, trauma or prolonged exposure to cold can all encourage an infection, as they lower the body’s resistance.

Causes of Sinus Infections

There are several factors that contribute to sinusitis developing and these include:

Bacterial or viral infection, especially after you have a cold
Mold & fungus
Allergy attack
Changes in temperature
Air pressure
Chemical fumes
Swimming or diving
Excessive use of decongestant nasal sprays
Sinuses that remain clogged for a long time seem to invite infection.

Most cases of sinusitis affect the frontal and/or cheekbone sinuses. Individuals tend to have problems with a particular set of sinuses.

Sinusitis can be either acute or chronic. Acute sinusitis is frequently believed to be caused by bacterial or viral infections of the nose, throat and upper respiratory tract, such as the common cold.

People with compromised immune systems are susceptible to fungal sinusitis, a potentially dangerous condition.


Symptoms of sinusitis

Some of the most know sinus infection symptoms are pain behind the eyes, pain on top of the head or both temples.

Symptoms can also include fever (usually low grade) cough, headache, earache, toothache, facial pain, cranial pressure, difficulty breathing through the nose, loss of the sense of smell and tenderness over the forehead and cheekbones. Sometime tapping in the area of the sinuses causes pain which indicates an infection. Postnasal drip can cause a sore throat, nausea, and bad breath; difficulty breathing can cause snoring and loss of sleep.

Most sinus infections are treated by medical doctors with antibiotics.

Fungal sinus infection

Fungal infections tend to go overlooked as a cause of sinusitis.

Since most cases of sinus infection are believed to be caused by bacteria, they are often treated with antibiotics. Yet fungal sinus infections will not respond to these types of antibiotics and can be made worse by them. It seems that the Mayo Clinic feels they are fungus infections. Read:

Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus as Cause of Chronic Sinusitis


Relief and addressing the Problem:

We found three ways to get relief – drying up the sinuses, sinus pressure points and a homeopathic Sinus Relief Formula. You can read information on these below.

While getting relief, you can work on the basic cause. If antibiotics aren’t working, you can address the underlying fungus condition.

Methods of Relief:

We do know that in order to dry up sinuses when they get bad that you can get alfalfa tablets and pantothenic acid and take a handful to dry up the mucous. This can’t be done all the time, but it will bring some relief.

We found two other methods to get relief. There is Sinus Pressure Points – Acupressure and a Sinus Relief Formula

Help for Sinus problems – Sinus Pressure Points

Pressure points have been used to help the pressure and thus the pain of sinus infections.

Massage your Sinus Pressure Points

One thing you can do for sinus relief is to apply pressure to certain points on the face and head to clear the congestion. These are called acupressure points and can help to relieve the pressure. It is said to trigger the natural healing tendencies of the human body.

You can recognize the pressure points by noting the especially tender spots; that’s an indication that some attention is needed.

How do you do it?

Eye pain and Fatigue associated with increased sinus pressure:
Use the pads of your index fingers to press under the bony ridge at the inner edge of your eyebrow.

Relief from Frontal headache pain
Use your thumb pads to apply pressure to your forehead approximately one finger-width above your eyebrow and level with the pupil of your eye.

Relieve frontal sinus pain
Apply pressure to the point on the back of your hand at the web between your thumb and index finger

Relieve nasal and head congestion
Pressure from behind the eyes and eye fatigue

Locate the point just below the cheekbone and level with the pupil of your eye as you look straight ahead. Press upward.

Decrease inflammation and clear your stuffy, runny nose
Press your index fingers to the outer borders of the nose where the nasal flesh meets the face. Hold the pressure for five to seven breaths to open the nasal passages.

Relief from sinus headaches and allergy symptoms
Stimulating the area on top of the foot where the bones between the big toe and the second toe merge.

Relief from a frontal headache (forehead)
Release pressure from behind your eyes

Use your thumb pads to apply pressure to your forehead approximately one finger-width above your eyebrow and level with the pupil of your eye.

Sinus infection top of head
Gently massage or apply pressure to the top of your head, especially right around the crown.


Garlic Nasal Rinse for Sinus Fungal Infections (and more) – See a video from Dr. Eric Berg on how to do this Nasal Rinse – an effective natural way to clear the sinuses.

Also a video showing How to Use Acupressure to Open up Sinuses

The Acupressure Device

More information about Acupuncture and Acupressure and what it can be used for.

How to Get Rid of Sinus Mucus


Blocked sinus relief –

Here is a product that works well – The Sinus Relief Formula.

The Sinus Relief Formula is a homeopathic remedy that can be kept in the medicine cabinet or your pocket or purse and used as needed.

If you aren’t aware of homeopathy, it uses your body’s healing ability to address the problem, there is no side effects and can be taken with anything else you might be taking without interaction.

Read more. Homeopathy

It rapidly relieves congested, inflamed and swollen sinuses. Reduces or gets rid of thick mucus draining into the throat and the frequent hawking accompanying it.

Lastly, it addresses and gets rid of the headaches caused by the congestion and inflammation of mucus membranes – known as a sinus headache.

It comes in a small bottle that can be easily carried in your pocket or purse – see picture.

Along with the arrival of spring, many people suffer from allergies and sinus issues that persist during this time of year. You don’t have to go through spring suffering.

Here’s what our customers have to say about it.


“I started using the Sinus Relief Formula because I always had a bit of a stuffy nose. I noticed after taking the Sinus Relief Formula on a daily basis and that my congestion went away after a couple weeks.

“Since then, I’ve just been taking 4 tiny tablets once a day and it’s done an incredibly good job of keeping my sinuses clear on a daily basis.

“I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to clear their sinuses or relieve their morning stuffy nose.”

From L.M. in California


“Since I was a kid I would from time to time get really bad sinus headaches and congestion in my nasal passages. I would go to the doctor for many different types of prescriptions to handle it, but they mostly made me drowsy, foggy, or didn’t really relieve my symptoms. So I just got used to suffering with sinus problems.”

“Now I take the Sinus Relief Formula. I really love it because it helps clear up my sinus headaches almost immediately. It doesn’t make me drowsy, it helps relieve the congestion in my nasal passages and doesn’t have any side effects. Thanks!”

From Bess F. in California


During the months of April and May I was really suffering with chronic sinus congestion. At first I didn’t even know what it was or why my head was hurting so badly. Then, I received an e-mail that talked about the Sinus Relief Formula. It occurred to me at that time that I might be suffering from sinus pressure, something I never had before. I ordered a bottle, used it as the directions state, and within a very short time felt relief. I could feel everything draining and emptying out of my sinuses. I have not had the problem since. I have just ordered my second bottle, not because I need it anymore, but because I don’t ever want to be without it….just in case.

By the way, the reason I was willing to try the new Sinus Relief Formula is because I am a very satisfied customer with another one of your products.

Your products and responsive, knowledgeable staff have earned my trust and my loyalty. Thank you WSN!”

from Paula, Maryland


A Homeopathic Remedy

Hydrastis – An extract of the Goldenseal plant.

Calc. Carb. – An extract of the inner shell of oysters.

Kali Bic. – An extract of specially treated wood ash.
There are 250 tablets – you take 3-4 tablets daily when you have a sinus problem and the cost is $32.70

And as always with Real Health Products, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee on your initial order.


We want to keep in touch to make sure you get the best possible results. This service is part of your purchase. We want to make sure that nothing is stopping your progress. (make sure we know which purchase is yours)

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