Pressure Points to Improve Your Health by Dr. Stephen Price

Every organ and gland and tissue in the body has to communicate to the Central Nervous System and to each other in order to stay controlled and coordinated and allow the body to be healthy.

If an organ or gland becomes stressed or overused, the pathways in which it communicates can become irritated and sensitive. There are four well-known pressure points that you can check to see if you have an organ or gland that is malfunctioning.   And by massaging that pressure point you can stimulate that organ to function more correctly.

The thumb web is the thick pad of muscle between the finger and the thumb.  The right side thumb web is goes to the liver.  The left side goes to the stomach.

On the palm of the hand, at the base of the thumb, there is a pad of muscle.  That thumb pad on the right goes to the pancreas, the left side goes to the heart.

How does this technique work?

You can use these to improve the function of the organ or gland that it goes to.   If you start to get a headache, check the four points to see which is most tender and massage for two minutes and the headache might lessen.  (The liver and stomach points should not be worked if you’re pregnant.)

How hard do you press? When someone presses on the hand it can be as much as 10 pounds of pressure.  Use three pounds to check the point, and if tender, use seven to massage and stimulate it.

There are other areas this technique can assist.

Chronic fatigue, irritability and mid-back pain increasing when under stress can be caused by the liver.  Check your right-side thumb web if you notice these symptoms. If you find tenderness then massage for two minutes, this should help.

High and low blood sugar, increase of hunger for no apparent reason, increase of hunger within an hour after eating and drowsiness after eating can be caused by the pancreas.  Check your right-side thumb pad if you notice these symptoms. If you find tenderness then massage for two minutes, this should help.

Indigestion, stomach pain or left-side upper abdominal pain at night or in the morning, gastritis, ulcers, and bloating immediately after eating, might be alleviated by the pressure point at your left thumb web.  If you find tenderness there, then massage for two minutes, this should help.

If you find one of these to be very painful with three pounds of pressure, come in and the entire system can be assessed and treated.   If you have a very tender area, the entire communication network that goes to that organ should be addressed.

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