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All Neuropathy Symptoms 

I wanted to inform you all of my status since taking the Nerve Support Formula from 28th February 2012 until now 9 April

1/ (IMPROVEMENT) No longer getting those disturbing sudden tingling, and pricking sensations.

2/ (IMPROVEMENT) No longer getting burning pain or shooting pain (especially at night)

3/ (IMPROVED) but not quite back to 100% muscle weakness, coordination and control.

4/ (IMPROVED) but not quite gone as yet numbness in Toes and Fingers.

Two of the reasons why I have sent my “Progress Report”, is to help McVitamins to help others who may have similar symptoms, and to express my gratitude to you for introducing a Product that actually does what it says. MCVitamins can use my name as reference to anyone who wants to know if the Nerve Support Formula works’

Kind regards,

Frank S.

Bad Pain

“I got my husband started on the Nerve Support supplement as soon as we received it, about a week ago, and it is amazing. He is also diabetic, and has been on Neurontin for 4 years and it just wasn’t working.”

“As far as his blood sugar went it was getting dangerously high, and all of a sudden it is back to a normal reading. What a miracle for him. Also, feet are slowly getting better. The pain used to be just terrible.”

Awesome, wonderful and wish everyone could spread the word about this supplement

Thank you sooooooooo much. Will keep you up to date on how things are going.”

From Nancy L. in Oregon

Burning Feet

“Before using Real Health Products (Nerve Support), I was in such pain that I could not keep my shoes on for any length of time. The burning was so bad, I tried different types of foot coverings to no avail.

“After a couple of weeks of using the product (according to the directions given with my first dosage), I could not only wear my regular shoes, but the pain was almost gone.

“I continue to use the product REGULARLY and I could not be more pleased with the results.”

Donald M. from Florida

“I have almost finished my first bottle of the Nerve Support Formula. I have been taking two at breakfast and two at dinner. I am amazed. My pain doctor kept adding pain medicine on top of medicine., like Lyrica plus Celebrex, and even told me to take two Buprophion in the morning and two at night. I was getting scarred. My daughter-in-law told me that Celebrex would cause fluid to form around my heart. Needless to say, I stopped taking it. Well, I went in to see my pain doctor two weeks ago, and I told him I had researched Neuropathy. He said “And”. I told him I found out how to cure it for good.. your Nerve Support formula. B1 and B12. He said “Yes that’s what you have to take to get rid of it. I thought , “What am I doing here in your office”.

I was shocked see such great results in such a short time. In less than two weeks the burning and itching and tingling left my feet and ankles. I was so very relieved. I told my friend of 40 years about your product. She has Neuropathy very bad in her feet. Her foot doctor thinks he is doing a good job with treating her, but she had never had him tell her to take B1 and B12 for a final cure. She got your website. She will be ordering shortly. I’m so happy to be able to tell others about this wonderful product. It’s like a miracle. With all the pains and aches I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, I’m so glad I can mark foot Neuropathy off my list. I will keep your Nerve Support Formula in my medicine cabinet for years to come.

I’m glad I got scarred into researching my own problem. Otherwise I might never would have found out the truth about natural products and vitamins that helps your body cure itself.

Forever grateful to you.”

From Lora M.

“I am a diabetic. My husband is knocking at the door of diabetes. He was talking one day about how his feet burned so much of the time. I told him that was neuropathy. He wanted me to look neuropathy up on the Internet, that’s where I found your web site. He said let’s give it a try.

“We were so excited when we got such good results so soon after starting the Nerve Support Formula. I can go to bed at night without my feet starting to burn as soon as I lie down. I don’t even think about it any more, but I make sure I don’t miss taking the capsules.

“It is so good to know that there is something to take that will help that is natural and not another prescription drug. Something that is beneficial in so many other ways too. There are so many claims made that don’t hold up when you actually use the product, we were so relieved when this fulfilled the promise of improvement. So glad I found you.

“I have recommended this to several of my friends and they are now taking Nerve Support Formula too and very thankful to me for telling them about it. One is a cancer patient and her doctor said keep taking it for the numbness the chemo causes. Thanks again.”

From Carolyn B.  in Texas

I have been faithfully taking your nerve support formula for nearly a year so far. I thought you should know that you have another success story!!

I am a 36 year old non- diabetic woman that has lived with severe neuropathy for nearly 8 years. I have been everywhere (including Stanford and recently to a specialist in Madison, Ws) in hopes that there is an underlying reason as to why I suffer with this crippling ailment. So far no reasons.

Through years of test and various medications, your formula has given me the most relief. The tingling and numbness has been decreased greatly. The intense burning that I have lived with in my feet has also been cut in half!!!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that this has helped me!!

Thank you again,

From Amy in California

“I started with burning feet at night fifteen years ago. I didn’t know what was going on, I am not diabetic. I just suffered for years, soaking my feet in epsom salt water, etc. Nothing helped. I couldn’t stand the cover to touch my feet. They felt cold all the time.

I finally had the test and it tested positive for Neuropathy and I was put on Lyrica. I actually had out of body experiences with that stuff. My son found you on the web and ordered me a bottle of the nerve formula. I took it one here one there not having much faith that it would do any good.

I started researching Lyrica and if that is not enough to start looking for alternatives.

I reordered your formula and went by the directions this time and could not believe how it keeps my feet better than that expensive medicine. I am forever grateful. I have you shipped automatically to me each month. I am also using your carb formula and that is working as well. I haven’t weighed myself but know by my clothes that I have lost some weight. Thanks for that one as well.”

Jean in Rocky Mount, Virginia

I discovered in the spring of 2010 that I had neuropathy. It started with my feet burning at night after I went to bed, and I was feeling some numbness in my feet, I would go to bed feeling fine, after about two hours I would wake up with my feet feeling like they were on fire. I could not stand for any kind of cover on them.

I went to my Doctor and the first thing he did was check my sugar, said it was on the high side but not to high and that I should stay away from sweets, he said I had the beginning of neuropathy and he gave me some pills to take but they did not help, so I decided to go on the internet and do some research into neuropathy, and that is when I found your web page.

I ordered one bottle of your Nerve Support Formula. With in 2 weeks I could see a little improvement, as time passed the burning in my feet gradually got better. For the passed six months the burning in my feet has completely gone away, and I feel hardly any numbness in my feet, my feet will get a little warm some nights under cover but no burning. I am feeling great.

I would say to anyone starting to take Nerve Support Formula not to give up on it to quick, give it some time, it will work.

Bob B.

Burning Legs and Feet

I had had burning feet for about 8 years. The last 3 or so years my hands also burned. You can’t imagine how many nights I’ve laid awake. My hands & feet felt like I was standing in hot coals.

“The Doctors were no help. I had no idea what caused it. I have had 3 major back surgeries. They thought that was the cause.

“After only 1 dose of the Nerve Support Formula the pain eased. In only a couple of days it was gone. I tried stopping and it returned.

“I hope my endorsement can prevent someone else from suffering like I did.”

From Dave R. in New York

“I wanted to let you know that last week my husband and I met our daughter and grand kids in the Tennessee mountains and went hiking. I HAD NO BURNING ON THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET AT ALL. Thank you for a product that works. If you would like to put this information on your web site, don’t hesitate to do so. I am very pleased with your product.” –

From Jane N. in Alabama

“My mom was officially diagnosed with neuropathy by a neurologist at the age of 81. She was advised her case was very mild & didn’t have any of the normal indicators to explain why she has it. She was advised it would only get worse, never better & the only hope is to try to control the pain with medication.

She was experiencing severe pain in both feet from the ball to each toe & top of her feet & a burning sensation up each thigh.

On Sept.24 she received Nerve Support Formula & started right away. She continues feeling much better on a daily bases.

We thank you for this product & will continue to keep you updated with her progress.

Thank you again,

Bev B., Care Giver to Hazel H.

WOW! NO products were working at all on my tingling arms and legs and the Doctor could not even help me. I was going crazy until I tried the Nerve Support Formula. After only a week of taking one capsule a day my tingling and burning were gone. I continue to take my one capsule daily and it continues to work. My life is much better today and the support from this company is excellent.

Frank B.


“I cannot begin to tell you how very much I love your Nerve Support Formula I have diabetes and have a great deal of circulation problems and some neuropathy. My legs used to be swollen, reddish black and the pain in my feet was horrible. Since using your product, my legs have gone back to their normal color, the swelling is virtually gone and the pain in my feet has subsided.

”I cannot thank the stars above enough for you and your product. God bless you all for the relief you have given me!”

From I. M. N. in Florida

Coldness, Severe

“My wife tells me the ‘unbelievable’ numbness and cold in her feet (toes, soles, tops of her feet and lower legs) is now gone after approximately three months on the Nerve Support.

“Your product is one that actually produced the expected result. Like many seekers for improved health we have drawers full of products from a variety of trusted sources that just didn’t work.

“What I am saying is the objective and subjective evidence for those other products is simply not comparable to the subjective and objective evidence we have seen and experienced with the Nerve Support Formula. Thank You.”

From Alan W. in Pennsylvania


“My 97 year old mother saw a significant difference. The Nerve Formula worked amazingly. Now, the hot and cold symptoms are very rare.”

“Thanks for your continuous support and I can’t wait to try another bottle. I know the next bottle will do even better. Thanks.

From Esther P. in New York

Couldn’t Sleep

“I am not a diabetic, but have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy by two different Neurologists. I had this condition for about 8 years and was getting progressively worse. I was put on Neurontin and other pain medications that all made me extremely dizzy and didn’t take away the burning, stabbing pain in my toes, feet, legs and, knees. I had so many sleepless nights. I prayed and believed there must be something more than the medical profession had to offer.

“I found my answer to prayer one sleepless night by finding the Nerve Support Formula on the Internet, and sent for the product. I am thrilled to report the Nerve Support started working for me within 2 1/2 weeks. I know these nutrients are ‘God Sent’ to me and want to share my success story with others, and encourage them to try this remarkable Nerve Support Formula. Sleeping every night in New York. Thanks a million!”

From Linda P. in New York

“When I first ordered the Nerve Support formula, my wife was not keen on using it. After a consultation from our doctor he told her that even if the pills did her no good, the ingredients contained in them would do her no harm.

“About one week after starting the nerve capsules she was began to enjoy a full nights sleep, something that she hadn’t experienced in so long it seemed like a distant memory. She was no longer waking up crying in pain due to the nerves ends in her feet twitching.”

From Tom M. in England

Couldn’t Walk

“First off, let me say I am both amazed and delighted with the results I am experiencing from my first order of the Nerve Support Formula! After only 19 days I am free of that awful constant burning in my feet.

“I had been off work for almost 18 months with a terrible never-ending burning in my feet. It was so bad that I could not bear even the sheets on my feet in bed. I am a Letter Carrier, so as you can imagine I am unable to carry out the functions of my job, and have been assigned to inside work sitting sorting mail as a result. I cannot walk more than 5 or 10 minutes because the pain and burning is so intense.

“I started taking your formula, and after a week I started to feel a little better, I was afraid to believe it, then after 2 weeks it was better yet and by the third week as promised I was free of the burning at last. I was able to walk around the store with my wife without a wheelchair for the first time in 18 months. It is a miracle!”

From Jeff H. in Manitoba, Canada

My husband is doing very well on that, and now has a fellow employee whose wife is in a great deal of pain with her feet about to try it too. Jeff was at a point where we were unable to even go to a store to do grocery shopping without the aid of a wheelchair when he started on the Nerve Support Formula. Within 21 days he was able to walk around with very little discomfort and without the aid of a wheelchair. It has truly been a miracle for him, as we were facing a very bleak future with his ability to get around so limited. He is a different man today because of your wonderful Nerve Support Formula….

Thank You.” –

From Maggi H. in Canada

“I am 65 years old and recently retired. I could hardly walk as my feet hurt so bad. I even told my doctor that I wished I could have my feet removed before I found out about the Nerve Support Formula. I started taking the Nerve Support Formula and within 7 days I could tell the difference.

“I am now walking 5-7 times a week for 2 miles each time I walk. Six months ago, I could hardly walk to the mailbox. This is truly a blessing for those with neuropathy. My doctor is amazed at how well I am doing now and says whatever I am doing to keep it up. I cannot thank you enough for making me feel like a real person again. Thanks.” –

From Sandy W. in Florida

I began taking the Nerve Support Formula in July 07. I had almost non-bearable pain in both of my feet with numbness in the little toes and fourth toes. The thought of being in a wheel chair was scary. I began with 3 capsules in the morning, at noon and night, I have had great results, with very little pain. The pain was so significant at night that I could not sleep and could not bare the sheets to touch my feet. It was very hard to find a pair of shoes that I could wear for very long. I was taking Lyrica three times a day and have not used it since I began the Nerve Support Formula. I am so thankful for this product and plan to continue taking it. Good luck to all of you that are using it. It is working for me.

From LueNell M., Texas

“Thank you for your guidance with your wonderful product. It helped me to get rid of neuropathy as a side effect of chemo. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t walk. I stayed on the product more than a month. My podiatrist also helped to remove nail pressure. Now the problem is gone and I can normally walk and I recommend this product to all who suffers from any neuropathy. Thank you again and let more people benefit from the Nerve Support Formula.”

From Nina. Chicago

“I was never examined by the doctor regarding my condition, so I don’t know what caused my condition. I am not a diabetic.

I was experiencing tightness in my feet and ankles and hands when arising in the morning. It was getting so that I had to hold on to something to walk until it subsided which occurred after walking awhile. This went on for about two weeks when I decided to call the doctor, however, I searched the Internet and discovered the Nerve Support Formula, so I decided to give the formula a try. So I cancelled my doctor’s appointment.

I am very enthusiastically endorsing your Nerve Support Formula. Since I have been taking the formula, I am feeling no tightness at all at this point. I have had no symptoms. I am so grateful for discovering your formula on line

At this point, I feel as good as new. When I get up in the morning, I don’t even think about what I felt before because my feet and hands have no tightness at all.

Thank you so much for your product. .

From Fran W.

Dizziness, Numb Feet

My father is 85 and was having problems with dizziness and losing the feeling in his feet. He was afraid to drive and basically losing his interest in living. He had gone to the VA and they told him they would have someone come out and put rails up and try to help him have things in place to keep from falling. I asked about B12 and they said no.. he was getting plenty of it. We tried the Nerve Support Formula and within three months I was back to visit him. He looked 10 years younger, his hair was even turning dark in patches and most of all, he could feel his feet again and was not longer dizzy. He has been on the formula now for almost six months and he is back to plowing snow, building a car and driving again. He still has issues with getting tired and has some back pain, it didn’t cure everything, but the healing of the nerves has made him want to keep on living. Thank you so much for your product.




I’m a believer! I started Nerve Support Supplement 9/22/11 –4 Caps daily I am amazed at results. For ten years or longer I haven’t been able to keep my feet under the blankets, Now I’m a normal person, No pain, No swelling. Maybe I should say my problem was Peripheral Neuropathy of Feet and lower legs. I was about to throw away about 5 new pairs of shoes that the heels were uncomfortable. Now I can wear them.

I guess you could say I have HAPPY FEET! And when there’s snow outside I can cover my feet. Thanks for your great product and your caring support group.

From Bernece

“I would like to share with you and your readers the tremendous relief I have had since I have been taking Nerve Support Formula. I am a type 2 diabetic for about 10 years now. For about the last 3 years, I have been experiencing numbness in my toes and some in the bottom of my feet. At times my feet would burn and hurt till the only way to get relief was to get out of my shoes and off my feet.

“When I started taking nerve support, by the sixth day, I noticed the numbness in my toes was no longer there. Before, my toes were so stiff they felt like they would crack… my toes feel fresh and alive. No more burning feet……I can wear my shoes all day long. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help and how great this product is.

“If anyone reading this has neuropathy in their feet, you must give this product a try. I am so glad I did. Thanks again for your help.”

From Sandra P. in Tennessee

“I’m very grateful for what the Nerve Support Formula has done for my foot pain. I was at the point where I wasn’t getting any rest at night and now my feet look and feel like they used to. The day I searched the Internet and came across the Nerve Support Formula website was one of the best days of my life. Thanks!”

From Jan P. in Illinois

“I wanted to let you know that last week my husband and I met our daughter and grand kids in the Tennessee Mountains and went hiking. I HAD NO BURNING ON THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET AT ALL Thank you for a product that works. I am very pleased with your Nerve fomula.”

From Jane N. in Alabama

“Thank you for your offer to supply Nerve Support Formula on a regular basis, however, as this formula has been so effective within a couple of weeks from starting I feel that I will need very little in the future as I now have no feet problems at all.”

From Andrew C. in Australia

“It is my pleasure to tell you of my results and yes! You can definitely use my story. I am so pumped about this product!

I did a search online for reversing diabetic neuropathy. I was suffering from numbness and pain in my feet that was steadily increasing. I had been given gabapentin by my doctor and each month she increased the dosage due to the increase in my pain. I was taking 800-1000 mg each day…and was still hurting. I found Nerve Support Formula online, and to say the least, was very skeptical. I called. Still somewhat skeptical that this would work, I was convinced it was worth a try.

I received my product and began taking it on a Saturday as directed…2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening. I went about my day after the first dose and then when I went to take my evening dose I realized I had taken no gabapentin all day. And I didn’t need any! I was without pain….I absolutely could not believe it. Sunday came and that night I did experience some pain….but nothing to the extent of what I had experienced. In those two days, I took only 200 mg of the medicine….where before I was taking 800-1000 mg a day and was about to call my doctor to increase it more. By Wednesday of the next week, I had taken the remainder of my gabapentin (about 600 mg). I called in the refill and on Thursday, the pain had subsided so much that I decided not to pick the refill up. I still have quite a bit of numbness in my feet but the pain is virtually gone. I have NEVER had such a profound experience with any product like I have with this nerve formula. To me, it feels like a miracle. I was so worried about it getting worse….which it was….because I had seen two family members lose limbs to this disease. I have hope now that even the numbness will subside…and will continue taking this product until it does.

I want to thank you, Erin, for taking the time to educate me about what was really going on with my body. I learned more about diabetes and neuropathy in our phone conversation than I have ever learned from the medical professionals I have seen since my diagnosis of diabetes. What an education you gave me.

From the bottom of my heart…..THANK YOU!”

From Debbie

“I have had diabetes for about 15 years. As time wore on my problems increased and I developed neuropathy in my feet. This past year before I tried your product was my absolute worst. I was all but home bound only venturing out when absolutely necessary.

“One day I stumbled across your website on the Internet. I must admit I was skeptical to try your Nerve Support product but figured I had nothing to lose and hopefully lots to gain. From the first time I took your Nerve Support nutrients I could feel an ever slight improvement. I had a stubborn case but have noticed a vast improvement in the almost two months I have been taking the product.

“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

From E.R. in California

“My neuropathy first occurred on a return flight from London to the US in early 2001 when I experienced sharp shooting pains in the bottom of might right foot, mainly in the outside of the instep area, but also in the heel. The pain was as though someone was jabbing a red-hot screwdriver into my foot and was so intense that my seat-mate noticed my grimacing and jerking.

I have never consulted medical opinion for the cause and just “lived with it” before finding your product on the Internet. It has provided substantial relief and I am now experiencing episodes very rarely and I seem to have no adverse side-effects. :

From Bill R.

“There is no medical explanation for the neuropathic condition that we have been able to discover. I also have a very severe back pain problem that the orthopedic physicians cannot explain away so it is quite possible they are related in some way.

In 2006 I began to have pain in my feet after resting in the chair for a while. When I learned of the Nerve Support Formula I thought aha, that sounds like something that my ease the problem so I went for it. After about 2 weeks the pain in my left foot has gone completely, and in my right only recurs infrequently.”

From Duncan C.

“First off I do not know the cause of what is wrong with my feet. They would sting and burn, like they were going to burst into flames.

I went to a foot specialist, who told me it was my circulation, because I smoke. I should buy these really expensive pair of shoes and they would help. They did not. I did not go back to the foot specialist. I was told by my ex-daughter in law that her father had a lot of trouble with his feet, stinging and burning, and he was diagnosed with neuropathy. Because of her explaining how her dad’s feet were, I went on the Internet and looked up neuropathy. It described my feet almost to a tee. This is when I looked and found your Nerve Support Formula.

It is the first time in several years that I have been able to walk or stand for more than fifteen minutes.”

From Linda B.

“I am not a diabetic, but have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy by two different Neurologists. I had this condition for about 8 years and was getting progressively worse.

I was put on Neurontin and other pain medications that all made me extremely dizzy and didn’t take away the burning, stabbing pain in my toes, feet, legs and, knees. I had so many sleepless nights. I prayed and believed there must be something more than the medical profession had to offer.

I found my answer to prayer one sleepless night, on the Wellness Support Network, and sent for their product. I am thrilled to report they started working for me within 2 1/2 weeks. I know these nutrients are a “God Sent” to me and want to share my success story with others, and encourage them to try this remarkable Nerve Support Formula. Sleeping every night in New York. Thanks a million. Linda Phillips

From Linda P.

“After numerous tests including ultra sound, electromagnets, etc. the Drs. have not been able to find a cause for my neuropathy. I do have Crohn’s disease and I have read where that could be contributing factor. I have been experiencing neuropathy problems for about 10 years now – becoming increasingly worse.

After taking your pills I have eliminated the tingling sensations and pain when lying down in bed and I find that I can go longer periods of time without even thinking about my feet.”

From Virginia N.


“I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Nerve Support Formula. I am diabetic and have had severe neuropathy. I saw your advertisement and decided to try it out. Much to my surprise and happiness, it has helped my hands which do not have true feeling in them and require me to wear leather gloves often summer and winter. If something is cold, it feels like fire on my hands. If it is hot, it feels like ice on my hands.

“I went on and got a second bottle, and I began to have feelings in my feet up to just below the knee and my hands began to feel temperature in the correct way and I can go without the gloves most of the time. I continue to take the Nerve Support Formula and no longer have nights of severe neuropathy in my legs. I recommend that anyone just try this product. You have nothing to lose because there is a guarantee or your money back in 90 days.”

From Tom J. in North Carolina

Greetings, to the point of this note. I took a risk and beyond my better judgment decided to try the Nerve Support Formula. It was in an effort to relieve the severe Peripheral Neuropathy in my hands and feet that I have been plagued with for almost three years. It has given me almost complete relief and at times of the day I’m not aware of this hateful malady at all. It was caused by Celiac Sprue. That remains to be seen but in the mean time I plan to continue this treatment as it is working for me! If you are on this page probably nothing else has helped so I would suggest you give this a shot. I really hope it works for you because I know how this thing dampens just about every aspect of life.

May God Bless You and Keep You, Andy J. Sr.

My legs and feet started to feel tense and uncomfortable at night about two years ago. One morning I woke up and could not place any weight on my foot.

My Doctor said that he suspected that I had experienced my first gout attack. My Doctor placed me on a prescription med to control the gout attacks.

I had significant pain in my feet and went to a foot doctor after suffering constant foot pain and numbness for about a year after the gout attack. The foot doctor said that I had peripheral neuropathy and it was likely to continue to get worse. He said that there was no known cure for this condition. He gave me insoles for my shoes for extra support and suggested that I wear thick socks and take over the counter pain meds to manage the pain.

A few weeks ago I noticed that my fingers were starting to feel numb. I realized that the neuropathy was getting worse, and soon my fingers were going to be as numb and painful as my feet. The thought of trying to live the rest of my life with no feeling in my fingers really scared me.

I remembered finding the web page for the Nerve Support Formula several months ago when I was on the internet researching neuropathy. I found it difficult to believe that the nerve support formula could end my suffering.

I ordered a bottle a week ago and began taking it as suggested. I could feel my feet gradually returning to normal over the next seven days. The tips of some of my toes are still a little sensitive but I expect that they will be back to normal soon.

I am also sleeping better and have much more energy. I decided to retire about 2 years ago when I turned 60. I felt so bad I did not think I could continue to do my job. I am feeling so much better now that I am thinking about returning to work.


Sincerely, Phil

Great product that really helped my numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. I searched for something natural and found the Nerve Support Formula. Your product has worked wonders.”

Diana from Ohio


“I had numbness in my entire chin and lower lip. I had corrective jaw surgery as I was born with my upper teeth aligned behind my lower teeth. I was 59 years at that time. During surgery, I had a complication as the surgeon pulled a nerve which caused my neuropathy condition. My mouth was wired shut for 12 weeks! My surgeon and my orthodontist told me here was no cure for parethesia. That is the condition I had.

“I search the internet for a cure and only one company came can up with a 100 percent guarantee that they could help my condition or my money would be refunded. Well my numbness is completely gone in my chin, and my lower lip is is 75 percent cured. I expect I will have a complete recovery. My ortho and surgeon, which are very good doctors, loved my story!!”

From Don E. in Illinois

Leg Pain

“The Nerve Support Formula has given me the big relief of my pains down the legs! Thank You so much! I can sleep well now and really feel grateful and great!!!”

From Edda L. in South Carolina

“I am 80 years old and have suffered from peripheral neuropathy for over 15 years, the typical symptoms creeping up over the years and getting worse, from my feet to my shins and to my lower thighs. No doctors I complained to knew what the problem was and none offered any suggestions to alleviate the pain, which manifested itself mostly at night when in bed and was less noticed during the day when the pain was masked by everyday activity. It was only a few years ago that I finally found out that the disease had a name–Peripheral Neuropathy.

“I surfed the net and came across your website entry. I ordered the Nerve Support Formula and started using it. I immediately noticed that the tingling and the pain was subsiding.

“The results for me have been miraculous. As the days went by, the tingling stopped progressively, down my leg, to below the knee, then below the ankle, and finally to the soles of my feet and my toes. Right now I am barely aware of any symptoms at all, have no pain, and sleep soundly. I no longer feel like I am walking on sponges or blocks of wood, which was previously the case.

“I have never previously tried a product which performed completely as well as advertised, and am spreading the word to friends and family about your marvelous product.”

From Benjamin L.

Many Symptoms

Nearly 1 year ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Among other symptoms, my feet were very sensitive and painful. The doctor put me on 4 types of prescription medicines, 1 of which was Avandia. About 3 weeks later, I heard on the Radio that 5 people had died while taking Avandia I’ve never liked drugs in the first place, so I threw away all 4 prescriptions!

“At this point the coldness, lack of circulation, and ‘sharp as needles’ pain in both feet was scaring me. I have an acquaintance who just had both feet amputated due to Diabetes. I immediately got online in search of herbal or natural remedies. I found the Nerve Support Formula and decided what do I have to lose?

“I started. My feet hurt about half as much. How wonderful! Gradually, they hurt less and less. My feet are very close to the way they felt before the Diabetes. I am so grateful to ‘Nerve Support’ and recommend it to anyone who suffers from neuropathy. It is truly a ‘blessing’, and I am forever grateful
for it.”

From Jeanne P. in Montana

“A few years ago, I burned the bottom of my feet. About two years ago, I noticed pain in my feet. My feet felt swollen and felt like they were on fire. I spoke to my doctor and he just said ‘Neuropathy’.

“The pain became so severe I could not sleep as the spasms and burning sensation became very intense. I researched Neuropathy, and found your nerve product. I ordered one bottle to try. In just two to three weeks I noticed that the burning sensation had become very minimal, and the spasms had subsided. The swelling sensation has also decreased dramatically.

“Thanks again for your Nerve Support. I can once again sleep without pain.”

From Jonda in Arizona

Numb Toes

“It’s my dad (Rod) who’s the diabetic but I do his reordering and deliver it to him as he lives in Canada. I can tell you that he has been on the nutrients for 4 months now and is a much healthier, happier person. His energy level is high since he has trimmed off 68 lbs on the low carb diet.

“He can feel his toes for the fist time in a couple of years within the 1st month of using the Never Support formula. His 3 month average blood sugar level is 6.1 (Canadian measure) which is great since he no longer takes any meds except cholesterol pills.

“Thanks for your help and a quality product.”

From Jayson M. in Tennessee

About 8 years ago, my big toe started to get numb. I didn’t pay much attention until my other toes started to get numb. And then, my feet burned and felt prickly with no pain. So I went to a Neurologist and he ran every test he could think of. He couldn’t find anything wrong with me and told me there was nothing he could do for me.”

“So I took it into my own hands and turned to the Internet and found the Nerve Support Formula. I decided to try the Nerve formula. After a month or so, I could feel a slight difference. And BOY, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. No more burning. Oh my god, it was great! I felt normal again and that’s my story.”

From Sharon M. in California


Thank you so much for this product! I have had so much pain in my lower legs and feet for several years. The doctors haven’t been able to help; in fact one told me that I was just going to have to live with it.

“Getting desperate, I went online and found your site. I had to do something, it felt like electric shocks in my feet and legs; sometimes so bad that if I was standing and couldn’t hold onto something, I would have fallen down.

“Since I’ve been using your Nerve Support, I DON’T HAVE THE PAIN ANYMORE! What a blessing. Thank you!”

From Helen D. in California

“I have been taking the Nerve Support for a while now and have healthy nerves that feel no pain and aren’t numb.”

From Ano M. in California

Severe Pain

“What I’m about to tell you is totally true. I still cannot believe what your nerve support product has done for me. I took it with me today to my VA Hospital appointment. I told my doctor and my pharmacist there about it. For 4 years I lived on the edge. I went through all kinds of medicine and pain killers including Vicodin, Percoset, Neurontin, and several others I don’t even remember.”

“I’m 72 years old and I cried almost nightly with the pain from the neuropathy and my foot injury for almost four years now. The pain has gone from 10 to about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Even the numbness has been fading. I just can’t believe what’s been happening.”

“Your product needs to be advertised, I mean really pushed. If you never had nerve damage you’ll never know how much this will help. I know I will continue using the formula.”

From Jerry S. in Arizona

“Just wanted to let you know that my eighty six year old mother began taking your nerve supplement formula last Sunday afternoon and by Wednesday, she was totally without pain and sleeping through the night.

“She has been in excruciating pain for years and not able to sleep because of the burning and pain in her legs and feet. Just the pressure of clothing and bed linens caused unbearable pain. And now, it is gone!

“She is so excited about the relief that she called me to ask for two more bottles so that she can continue with the product. Thank you so much for your research and this amazing supplement!!” –

From Sherri L. in Washington

Three weeks ago I was suffering from excrutiating pain in my right thigh, with most of the pain coming at night. I resorted to taking asprins and other over the counter pain medications. However, the pain was getting progressively worse over time.

“Then, out of desperation, I went to the internet and did a number of searches starting with “burning legs”, “tingling legs” etc. and ran across your website. After reading through the claims I thought I would have nothing to lose by trying it so I ordered your nerve vitamin support formula.

“To my great surprise it begin reducing the pain after about the first 3-4 days. After about 5 or 6 days I knew that there was a really remarkable difference. After two weeks, the pain level had gone from a “5-6” to about a “1”. After three weeks I have no pain whatsoever. Rarely I still feel a very, very tiny bit of discomfort numbness, just enough to let me know it is still there. But I truly believe that continuing to take the vitamins will result in it going away altogether. I think the situation will be fully resolved and reversed.

“Based upon my personal experience I am sure that many diabetics can be helped immensely by this nerve vitamin formula. And although I realize that it cannot be prescribed or endorsed, I just wanted to pass this information on to you and anyone else who will listen. Hopefully, someway, other diabetics will come to know about this. This really worked for me.


From Barry G.-H. in Florida

“I just wanted to send you a quick note of my experience with your nerve support formula…

“The first part of September I cut my right forearm severely on the top of a bowl that broke while I was washing it. I cut through an artery, several tendoms, and the major forearm nerve. I got sewed up and put back together.

“While dealing with the severe pain the first month I did research on nerve regeneration. Everything I came across indicated the special “B’s” which are in your Nerve Support formula were showing great success in nerve regeneration. This is from medical and scientific journals, as well as from my brother who is an research biochemist.

“I then spent another painful week looking for this special formula in the neighborhood vitamin stores. They looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for this particular vitamin formula. I was so relieved to find your site which was the only one I could find with the “right” formula, and I placed my first order. I was surprised and relieved at how quickly it arrived.

“After taking it for just one day I notice a reduction of my nerve pain to the point where I could stop taking pain medication. WOW. I continued this course for the entire bottle feeling better and better. When I was running out I called for more and that also came very quickly. My hand surgeon was impressed at the relief I experienced. His nurse took a copy of the ordering information to use for her carpal tunnel. My occupational therapists made copies of the information to give to other patients they are treating

“I can’t say it enough…thank you, thank you, thank you.”

From Linda M. in Illinois

“WOW!!! I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with foot pain. I couldn’t stand any contact from the tip of each toe, back. The Nerve Support Formula is GREAT. In as little as four days the severe pain I suffered with my toes and feet is gone! It really makes a difference, even in my mood. When my feet and toes aren’t hurting I’m a happy guy. Thanks for a wonderful product.”

From Rick D. from Pennsylvania

“I then spent another painful week looking for this special formula in the neighborhood vitamin stores. They looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for this particular vitamin formula. I was so relieved to find your site which was the only one I could find with the “right” formula, and I placed my first order. I was surprised and relieved at how quickly it arrived.

“After taking the maximum amount (I figured I had a maximum need) for just one day I notice a reduction of my nerve pain to the point where I could stop taking pain medication. WOW. I continued this course for the entire bottle feeling better and better. When I was running out I called for more and that also came very quickly. My hand surgeon was impressed at the relief I experienced. His nurse took a copy of the ordering information to use for her carpal tunnel. My occupational therapists made copies of the information to give to other patients they are treating

“I can’t say it enough…thank you, thank you, thank you.”

From Linda M. in Illinois

“My mom was officially diagnosed with neuropathy by a neurologist at the age of 81. She was advised it would only get worse, never better and the only hope is to try to control the pain with medication.

“She was experiencing severe pain in both feet from the ball to each toe and top of her feet and a burning sensation up each thigh.

“She was put on a high dosage of Gabapentin which did nothing for her pain. She became very disoriented and stopped taking it after a short time. Other medications were tried with little relief.

“Three months ago she received the Nerve Support and started right away and she continues feeling much better on a daily basis. We thank you for this product and will continue to keep you updated with her progress.”

From Bev B., Care Giver to Hazel H. in New York

“I am writing to say thanks for the Nerve Support Formula, it has made a world of difference in my pain caused by the neuropathy.

“I used to have severe pain in my feet at night while I was in bed. My feet would pain so bad I would have to get up. Often time I would be up late at night pacing the floor in pain.

“Since I have been taking Nerve Support, I can sleep all night without pain. Thanks again, it’s a life saver.”

From Stella P. in Texas


“I am glad to write about my recovery. The nerves in my toes of both feet were damaged due to excessive use. The injury kept getting worse until I could not walk at all because of swollen feet and terrible pain. I came across Nerve Support Formula capsules while surfing the Internet for something to relieve the pain in my feet which I suspected was from nerve damage because of the tingling sensation and extreme sensitivity.

“I took a chance and ordered the product and have now been taking these capsules for three months. The pain in my feet got less and an old injury in my shoulder joint which bothered me also got better much to my surprise. Three months after first starting the capsules, the pain has disappeared and the swelling in my feet is going down.”

From Tina B. in Illinois

Tingling Hands

“I am happy to report that for the first time in several years I no longer wake up during the night with tingling and pain in my hands. This has taken place after using about two thirds of my first bottle.”

From Bill W. in Ohio

Tingling & Pain

“It wasn’t my primary Dr that put me on all these meds, It was the cardoligest. My Dr said GO FOR IT any thing that will help. My feet and legs were swelling so bad,

They are still swelling some but not like they were. And the tingling and pain aren’t there anymore. I am feeling better. This is my 10th day on the Nerve Support Formula.

I’m taking so much medication, but I cant go off any because of a heart condition. I am very pleased with the way I’m feeling. I can see where it would be really good for someone that wasn’t taking so many meds.

I have cut down on my liptor, it was one that has neuropathy as a side effect. My Dr told me Monday that he doesn’t think it is diabetes, that caused my neuropathy. He thinks it is something else. And after looking up all my meds on the internet I’m sure it is side effects. But it is better and I’m hoping it will still keep getting better. I’m excited about it, I have already told several people about it. Thank you

Bonnie B.

WOW! NO products were working at all on my tingling arms and legs and the Doctor could not even help me. I was going crazy until I tried the Nerve Support Formula. After only a week my tingling and burning were gone. I continue to take it and it continues to work. My life is mch better today and the support from this company is excellent.

Frank B.

Toes Burning & Pins and Needles

“I started taking 12 of the nerve capsules a day right from the beginning as I have had this neuropathy for so long and so bad, to my complete amazement in 6 days the burning pins and needles have gone from my toes!!! I simply can not believe this product, I continue to take it because I also have nerve damage from a compressed disc and am hoping for it to have the same results for this as well.

“I can’t even begin to thank you for this amazing product; I never thought I would be pain free again. To anyone who is reading this thinking should I try it? Does it really work? Are these real testimonies? I am here to tell you TRY IT!!! IT REALLY does work! Thank-you again for everything.”

From Yvette in British Columbia, Canada

“I had this problem with my feet, the toes and foot where numb and some times sting like mad. The doctors examined me and found no problem with circulation in my legs, I have had back problems all my life and in 2001, had major back surgery. The surgery helped the back problem, but did nothing for my feet and toes. I just put up with the problem for two or three years but the pain and sting grew worse.

I found your article on line and started taking the Nerve Support Formula. The pain of stinging subsided and even the numbness eased off a bit. This combination has been a godsend for this condition. I have recommended your product to everyone I know who has this problem”

Thanks and keep up the research.

From Charlie S.


“I am not diabetic, but I woke one morning to find all the classic symptoms of -what I found out later – was peripheral neuropathy I had to give up sailing because of vertigo, bridge because of the “confusion” attendant on this condition, and the soles of my feet hurt impeding my walking. I have lots of friends in the medical profession, so I tried to get advice but to no avail.

At this stage I saw an eminent neurologist, specializing in vertigo problems, and a specialist physiotherapist. All agreed that I am doing all the right things, but no one thought that an improvement was likely. Then a naturopath friend recommended Benfotiamine, which does not sell in Australia. I obtained some from the US, but it was only of marginal help.

Then I received your e-mail about this marvelous combination of B1 and B12 Vitamins. I thought what can I lose, so I ordered 3 lots of capsules. They arrived promptly, with instructions, and at the end of the first week there was a very remarkable improvement, I would think about 80%.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to your product and the obvious genius behind it!

From George F. in Sydney, Australia.


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