Medication Side Effects and Nutritional Deficiencies

Warning - Medicine Bottle Cap Warns of Danger and Poisonous Pill
If you ever check on the potential side effects of a drug you are taking on one of the sites or – or if you listen to the TV ads for the latest medication – you might wonder what about the drug can create so many problems.

Well, it is true that a drug is a chemical that is unnatural to the body and is actually a toxin to the body, but due to those very properties they force the body to make some corrections, or at the very least cover up the symptoms of whatever it is that is a problem.

No, a medication  doesn’t go to the cause of the high blood pressure, but they can get the body to lower your blood pressure which is very comforting if it is extremely high and a threat to blood vessels and normal bodily functions.

The question is – why the side effects and what can you do about it?   There is a very evident reason and that is the various medications can create nutritional deficiencies which will cause other problems – or side effects.

I found two separate books, one written by a pharmacist and another by a medical doctor on the subject of what nutritional deficiencies are created by the various drug types and what supplements you can take to alleviate this problem.

The first is written by a pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, R.Ph. and is called “Drug Muggers, How To Keep Your Medicine From Stealing the Life Out of You”   You can read about it on this page Drug Muggers.   Scroll down a bit.

king any medication which has possible side effects.

Psychiatric Drug Side Effects -Click to go to a database on these side effects. 

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