Dr. Eric Berg’s “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”


Get Healthy to Lose Weight. Or Just Get Healthy

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Dr. Berg’s “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”

has been completely updated to

Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide

This book is NOT about losing weight to get healthy; it’s about getting healthy to lose weight.

Dr. Berg has updated his best-selling book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning into a New Body Type Guide. With new chapters on powerful new strategies, you’ll get the latest updates on what works. This easy-to-implement plan and a clearer method to tailor-make your eating to your body type!

The New Body Type Guide teaches you how to eat, how to exercise and what nutrients to take – as well as anti-stress techniques to extract all your old body stress.

Dr. Berg guides you as to what “getting healthy” really means. Weight loss is just one of the many health factors. A healthy body also has tons of energy, high stress tolerance, and can sleep peacefully through the night and get out of bed refreshed. Healthy bodies can digest their food and feel satisfied without any cravings. A healthy body has flexible joints, relaxed muscles and no inflammation.

You do not need another fad diet with false promises of losing 15 pounds per week. However, you DO need an effective and proven plan that addresses the very core of your weight “symptom.” The truth is that you do not have a weight problem but a health deficiency! Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide will help you create amazing health so your body can let go of that extra weight in the healthiest way possible. This way your body will look beautiful as the weight comes off and stays off.

  • Simplified & Effective Meal Plans!
  • Learn Advanced Weight Loss Strategies!
  • Added Chapter on Intermittent Fasting!
  • Over 155 Images & Graphics!
  • Amazing Pleasure Food Recipes!
  • Formerly THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF FAT BURNING But Majorly Updated


  • 379 Pages
  • 19 Chapters
  • A Full Index & Glossary
  • 156 images & Graphic Illustrations
  • Completely Newly Updated
  • Easier to Implement Eating Plans
  • More Effective Results
  • Added Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting

PLUS: – Dr. Berg’s Companion Guide (54 pages),

Booklet. This booklet is easy to read with lots of colored images of what to eat and a summary of the most key strategies using Intermittent Fasting & Healthy Ketosis. Learn the basics of insulin, insulin resistance in easy terms. See example pictures of meals factoring in the correct percentage of carbs, proteins and fats.

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Dr. Berg’s New Book on Video & Audio

Dr. Berg Does Seminars on 19 Chapters!

Get the Audio Version of all 19 Chapters!

USB Device is Included for Audio!

Thoroughly Learn the Book,’ The New Body Type Guide’!

Download the Audio Files to Your Cell Phone!

Get Super Healthy & Finally Lose the Weight

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Get the Package for your Body Type which includes the new book:

Adrenal Body Type Package

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Liver Body Type Package

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A 9 minute video about Body Types

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About the Author

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor specializing in nutritional research and weight loss, with an alternative healthcare practice helping thousands of people to achieve permanent weight loss and enjoy healthier, more energetic lives. A nutritionist, inventor, lecturer, teacher and broadcaster, he has trained more than 1,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide. He lives with his wife and children near Washington D.C.



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