Benefits of Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea
Herbs in teas are of benefit.  

“Good Health Comes from the Farm, Not the Pharmacy”


  • May help complications from diabetes.

  • Calm an upset stomach

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Help with Sleep

  • Migraine headaches

  • Helps allergies & rashes

  • Boost Immunity


  • Acts as a natural antibiotic

  • Fights free radicals in the body, making it a strong antioxidant and powerful anti-tumor agent.

  • Cleanses the lymph system and kidneys

  • Works as a natural pain killer

  • Reduces inflammation of the intestinal and respiratory tracts.

  • Contains molybdenum, selenium, sulfur and zinc


  • Eases symptoms of colitis

  • Stimulates new cell growth, which promotes more rapid healing

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Promotes healthy skin and strong bones

  • Lowers blood sugar

  • Can be used as a compress for wounds and broken bones

  • Contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B12.

Ginger Tea

  • Digestive aid

  • Curb nausea, vomiting or upset stomach

  • Helps IBS

  • Protect against Alzheimer’s

  • Stimulates appetite

  • Relieves tired muscles

  • Helps manage glucose levels

  • Reduces Arthritic inflammation

  • Improves circulation

Gotu Kola

  • Cleanses the blood

  • Increases circulation in the brain, easing anxiety and improving memory

  • Balances hormones

  • Increases energy


  • Strengthens the heart

  • Eases symptoms of stress and anxiety

  • Lowers High Blood Pressure

  • Helps with hyperthyroidism

  • Eases symptoms of menopause and PMS

    Note: Avoid with pregnancy


  • Strengthens the liver and gallbladder

  • Fights bad breath

  • Eases nervousness and insomnia

  • Calms motion sickness

  • Has antiseptic qualities and is capable of expelling worms or other parasites

  • Effective as an antidote for many poisonous mushrooms

  • Useful for indigestion and constipation

  • Stimulates the uterus, easing menstrual cramps

       Note: Should be avoided during pregnancy



  • Reduces gas and bloating after a meal

  • Aids in healthy digestion

  • Increases oxygen supply to the blood

  • Contains trace minerals and omega 3s

Red Clover

  • Purifies the blood

  • Calms the nerves

  • Helps remove uric acid buildup

  • Acts as a natural mood enhancer

  • High vitamin and mineral content (including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, molybdenum and vitamin C)

    Note: Do not use for leukemia

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