The 8 Nutritional Challenges Facing Athletes

Athletes face 8 nutritional challenges. What are the 8 all-natural solutions?

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Nature provides us with the most effective and powerful alternatives to dangerous “performance enhancing drugs.” The choice becomes clearer when you compare the long term muscle fitness and health building effects of whole food and herbal supplements versus the well-documented health issues often associated with the artificial methods. The following products are the most proven and effective choice for enhancing performance – without breaking rules, laws, or endangering your body!

Core Nutrition
Muscle Building

Reaction Time
Hormone Balance


Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that generates energy and helps increase strength, quicker recovery, and exercise endurance. 

Blood ammonia concentration increases during endurance exercise and has been proposed as a cause for both peripheral and central fatigue. In trials, glutamine supplementation reduced the accumulation of blood ammonia during prolonged, strenuous exercise in high-level athletes. 

As an immune booster, glutamine supplementation may prevent the negative effects of strenuous exercise on immune function.

Moreover, glutamine supplementation has a protective effect in the DNA fragmentation, mitochondrial membrane depolarization and apoptosis, and in regulation of the inflammatory process and immune suppression, which are induced by a single session of exercise. 

Glutamine also plays an important role in maintaining functional integrity of the gut. As a gut-trophic factor, glutamine improves intestinal function, allowing better absorption of nutrients.

Read more about L-Glutamine, by Hyla Cass, M.D.
Amino acid support for Mood, Muscle and Immune Performance


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