Dr. Eric Berg’s “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”

Get Healthy to Lose Weight. Or Just Get Healthy

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This is the handbook to the sensational Berg Diet that has empowered thousands of people to get healthy, lose weight and keep it off. It is a weight loss plan, that shows how to activate your fat-burning hormones with a tailor-made eating and exercise plan for your body type. 

It also gives simple explanations that enable you to better understand hormones and how they work. 

Did you know that high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar are all symptoms of an adrenal problem? 

“The 7 Principles” is a highly practical book that provides clear explanations – aided by dozens of charts and illustrations – of the principles of healthy weight loss. Easy-to-understand health and nutrition information and simple tests to determine your correct body type are the keys to its success. 

7 principles. 4 body types. 1 perfect diet customized for YOU.

People are told that they must “lose weight to get healthy”–but most people gain back even more weight when they diet.

Dr. Berg shows you that the real secret to stable weight loss is to “Get healthy to lose weight”. In The 7 Principles of Fat Burning he shows you how to get healthy, lose weight and keep it off.

Eating right to ignite your fat-burning hormones

To lose weight each body type — adrenal, thyroid, ovary or liver — needs a different diet and exercise program. The 7 Principles of Fat Burning shows you how to find your correct hormone body type and the correct combination of foods to ignite your fat-burning hormones.

It explains what turns off the fat-burning in your body including what pregnancy does to stop fat burning, what you thyroid does to fat-burning and your adrenals. 

“Dr. Berg’s extensive research into the four body types and their hormone connections answers many questions about why people find it hard to lose weight. 

His ability to communicate this vital information is an easy-to-understand way will not only help you lose weight but will enhance your health, energy and well-being for years to come.” Zidi Berger, MD, Women’s Wellness Institute

The Berg diet is easy to understand and easy to follow

Depending on your body type, simply eating a small amount of the wrong food can shut down you body’s fat-burning hormones and eliminate all the benefits of your diet and exercise.

When you read The 7 Principles of Fat Burning you will understand how the food you eat affects the health of your fat-burning hormones. When you understand what is affecting your weight, it’s easy to eat and exercise correctly.

By following the 7 principles of fat burning you will build up your health, strengthen you fat-burning hormones, increase you energy and vitality and lose weight naturally.

“If you are struggling with diets, stop suffering and read The 7 Principles of Fat Burning now. It shows you how to get healthy first so your body will lose weight naturally. It is the most effective, stress-free weight loss program I have used.”
John Ericson, DC

“The 7 Principles of Fat Burning is a health and diet guide that debunks common myths…an enthusiastically recommended health and nutrition guide for anyone seeking to lose weight.” –Midwest Book Review

“What shape is your belly? The answer could reveal the low-level glandular disorder that’s packing on the pounds!” –First For Women

“Dr. Berg explains how assessing body shape is critical for nurturing the glands back to healthy functioning.” –Taste For Life


A 9 minute video about Body Types

Take the Body Type Quiz

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About the Author

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor specializing in nutritional research and weight loss, with an alternative healthcare practice helping thousands of people to achieve permanent weight loss and enjoy healthier, more energetic lives. A nutritionist, inventor, lecturer, teacher and broadcaster, he has trained more than 1,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide. He lives with his wife and children near Washington D.C.



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